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Everyday it gets easier for unknown musicians to take over the world. But one advantage the big indies and majors always have held is the knowledge of every producer in the field who can take a good band and make them amazing. Until now that is! Noise Creators is here to change that with a site that allows you to look up your favorite artists and get to know the producers behind their recordings, read interviews with them, check out podcasts and then book time to make a great record with them. You can also contact us and we will help to make sure you get the best producer for your record instead of the guy who just bought some gear down the street who has no clue how to make your songs reach their potential.

By booking through Noise Creators we provide a safe, professional environment for musicians to make connections with producers to make great music with. We’ve vetted every producer’s ability to make great songs, and why they would be the right fit to make great music with. By hiring a producer through Noise Creators, you get to connect with many producers who are unreachable by other means and know that we have vetted them to be the most professional in their dealings with musicians.

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