Our Manifesto

1. We are here to help people buy and sell merchandise of all types.  Our goal is to always be helpful.  


2. The site is designed to make it possible for you to easily build your own store.  There is no cost to do this.  You can open your merch store for free in a few hours.


3. If you want us to help build the store we will. We charge $35 for six designs across 20 products.  You send us the designs, and fill out a simple form, we take it from there. Your store will be open in a day or so.


4. If you have a store on Manic Merch, you can, at any time download a list of the people who purchased your merch along with their contact info. They are your fans to talk to, not ours to annoy with other products.


5, If you have a store on Manic Merch you can look up your earnings at any time.  The site is designed to be transparent and informative


6. We set a base price for each product, you decide how much more you want to charge your fans.  It's simple that way.  


7. We do not cross promote or sell advertising on your store.  It's your store.  


8. If a customer buys something from a Manic Merch store, we will get back to you as soon as possible, no longer than 24 hours during business days.  If we take longer your order is discounted at our expense (not the store owners).


9. As long as the customer is being reasonable, the customer is always right.  Act accordingly.